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Typical game day


So it’s a Sunday morning, and you are off to your first game. This is the most important step you can take. So many people just never get as far as going to a game. There are thousands of people who waffle endlessly about how they are going to play airsoft, but lack the enthusiasm to go to a game! Once you get there you will want to go again and again, but the thought of getting up early on a Sunday and spending £40 on a day out can stop many people coming, even if they have booked in. If you sacrifice one otherwise wasted Sunday and commit less cash than a night out, you will quickly find yourself part of an enriching, rewarding hobby where you will meet (and shoot) some great people and have some memorable adventures!

Bring a bottle of water and some lunch if food isn’t provided. You will certainly need to drink water throughout the day even if it’s cold out.

Try and turn up before 9am. Game briefings usually commence at 10am, so this gives you an hour to chat with the local players, and if you’ve requested a “hire gun” – be issued with your replica for the day, load up and fire a few times on the range. At around 10am, the head marshal will brief everyone for the day. It is very important that you pay attention to this brief, as they may mention game and safety rules that are unique to that site. Safety briefing and first game setup should take no longer than half an hour. Usually you will have an hour break for lunch, food is sometimes provided. Depending on how hard games have been the staff will usually call it a day between 4pm and 5pm. The players are usually tired by this point and beginning to pack up anyway!

At a minority of sites you will stay away from the safe area all day, or more often not return to it till lunch. Ask one of the Marshall if this is will be the case, if it is then you will have to take all of your stuff with you. At a few small sites you will may be returning to the safe area after every game.