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Site safety

Never load your replica in the safe zone, and always wear goggles when in the playing area. Marshals will direct you and you must always obey their commands. If in doubt, have your goggles on and replica unloaded. When testing an unloaded AEG to see if the battery is working always cover the muzzle by poking it into your boot or your kit.

We will refrain from explaining in great detail the rules most sites employ, but the one thing to bear in mind is to not shout “Man down!” whenever you have been eliminated in a game.

“Man down” is an emergency call almost always reserved for when a player has become injured during a skirmish, and requires medical attention by the on-site first aider. When this is called, you will often hear a shout for “ceasefire” which will require you to make your replicas safe.

You must follow the direction of the marshals when it comes to safety.