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Airsoft Guides

If you're new to Airsoft and you wish to find out more about the sport, our collection of simple guides will help you get to grips with airsoft quickly!

Legislative Guides

Our legislative guides are an excellent source of information for those who are wishing to find out more about how law affects airsoft within the United Kingdom.

Beginners Guide

Please feel free to peruse our beginner’s guide to UK Airsoft – this is a complete overview of our guide, if you are wanting to forward to someone a particular section, individual pages of the guide are available.

Legislation FAQs

This section is only intended to explain important questions to do with Airsoft legislation within England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. If you feel like you would like to know considerably more about these pieces of legislation and how they all fit ...

Types of replicas

Beginners Guide

There are 4 main types of airsoft replica available, known as spring, electric, gas and high pressure air. The vast majority of airsoft replicas are loaded with ammunition via magazines, in the same manner as real guns. Most modern airsoft replicas have the p...


Beginners Guide

Airsoft skirmishing, often referred to as simply ‘airsoft’, is a live combat simulation in which two or more teams are pitched against each other in a game of fitness, skill, determination, tactics, psychology and wits. Players battle with each other with repl...

Hop up

Beginners Guide

Any good airsoft replica is fitted with hop up. This clever mechanism is a chamber which forces an adjustable amount of backspin onto a BB when fired. When hop is correctly adjusted the BB will fly in a straight line for a long distance until it loses momentum...


Beginners Guide

Airsoft replicas can be fitted with standard or mid capacity magazines, which feed 60-150 bb’s, (dependant on mag size), via a spring, like a real magazine. They are loaded by putting BB’s in the top of them with a loading tool. Mag capacity is often proportio...


Beginners Guide

The stock or fore grip of an AEG usually contains the battery. The physical size of the cells in your battery usually determines how much charge it is rated to hold and thereby how many times it will fire your replica before it runs out. Charge capacity is me...


Beginners Guide

Most skirmish quality ammo (BBs) is similar but you must always use skirmish quality ammo that can be bought from airsoft sites and shops. Sometime you can find cheap ammo in supermarkets and high street shops, but you should never use this as it will almost c...


Beginners Guide

Most airsoft replicas can be fitted with internal upgrades which may enhance the durability, rate of fire or range. Players will absolutely not need upgrades to be competitive and they can be hard to fit. In addition a new replica will be reliable for a long t...

Your first replica

Beginners Guide

You don’t need a replica right away and won’t be able to buy one right away either. We suggest you go to a site, rent a replica, ask people if you can look at theirs (they will often be keen to show off their shiny toys!) and make a decision based on first h...

Safety in the home

Beginners Guide

If you’ve bought an airsoft replica, you are going to be keen to get it out of the box and loaded up so you can shoot up some coke cans in the garden! The vast majority of airsoft replica injuries occur in the home (as the editor of this guide will testify), n...

Eye and face protection

Beginners Guide

Your primary concern, the first item you should buy, is a face mask. Mesh goggles consist of a steel mesh which stops the BB and the only vision impairment is that the mesh makes the environment appear slightly darker. Lens masks and shooting glasses have a ...


Beginners Guide

It is advisable to pick up a pair of army issue assault boots, perhaps from a surplus store. Soldiers who use them daily criticise them for being uncomfortable, but you will probably be using them once a month so they will be entirely tolerable. Once broken in...


Beginners Guide

For you first few games a dark coloured hoodie and some old jeans will be sufficient, but the big attraction of airsoft for many people is dressing up in cool kit and generally looking like a badass. Shallow? Probably. Fun? Definitely! You can obtain the e...

Load Carrying Equipment

Beginners Guide

Probably the most complex item to select outside of which replica to choose would be your LCE, or “kit”. This is the gear you use to carry your magazines, loose ammo and grenades. Depending on personal preference and the game scenario you might also carry a si...

Other kit

Beginners Guide

Wearing a pair of gloves is a good idea as it hurts when you get shot on the hand, cheap ones will suffice in the short term so long as you can still safely handle your airsoft replica. A hat or head wrap is advisable as headshots can hurt. Headgear will also...

Going to a game

Beginners Guide

First, find an airsoft site to go to. There are many excellent directories out there, which can easily be found from a quick Google search. Next, book yourself in, usually by emailing the game organiser from their website. It is highly recommended that you d...

Typical game day

Beginners Guide

So it’s a Sunday morning, and you are off to your first game. This is the most important step you can take. So many people just never get as far as going to a game. There are thousands of people who waffle endlessly about how they are going to play airsoft, ...

Site safety

Beginners Guide

Never load your replica in the safe zone, and always wear goggles when in the playing area. Marshals will direct you and you must always obey their commands. If in doubt, have your goggles on and replica unloaded. When testing an unloaded AEG to see if the bat...

Gas powered replicas

Beginners Guide Types of replicas

Gas weapons store compressed propellant gasses and use a series of valves to release the gas into the hop unit. The BB is then propelled up the barrel as the gas expands. The gas is often contained in the magazine so that a fresh charge is placed into the re...

Electric powered replicas

Beginners Guide Types of replicas

The most common replica found at skirmishes is the AEG, automatic electric gun. These are powered by a rechargeable RC car/plane type battery. They operate in the same manner as a spring powered replica, except that the piston is pulled back by a set of gear...


Beginners Guide

Surprisingly, airsoft is a relatively cheap hobby to get involved in, especially when compared to other outdoor activities. Enough ammunition for a full days play (about 3000 BB’s) will cost £8-£12, and a very effective airsoft replica (a Chinese ‘clone’ AEG) ...

Basic rules

Beginners Guide

The core of airsoft is honesty. When you are ‘dead’ you count as having been killed or incapacitated so that you may no longer participate in the battle until ‘re-spawned’ or ‘tagged in’. You must shout “HIT!”, raise your arms and return to the respawn point,...