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Electric powered replicas


The most common replica found at skirmishes is the AEG, automatic electric gun. These are powered by a rechargeable RC car/plane type battery. They operate in the same manner as a spring powered replica, except that the piston is pulled back by a set of gears driven by an electric motor. As such the only input required from the player to unleash fully automatic fire is a pull of the trigger. They all have safety catches and most are capable of firing in fully automatic and semi automatic modes. Some can fire bursts of 3 or more rounds. They are simple to use and cheap to run, requiring you to simply recharge the battery at the end of the game day. Most are very reliable and low maintenance. These factors make AEGs by far the most popular type of airsoft skirmish replica.

Nearly every well known assault rifle or sub machine gun in the world has an AEG counterpart available. Typical AEG’s have a range of about 40 feet and fire 15-20 BB’s per second.

Electric pistols also exist and function in the same fashion, but they are relatively low powered.