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Surprisingly, airsoft is a relatively cheap hobby to get involved in, especially when compared to other outdoor activities. Enough ammunition for a full days play (about 3000 BB’s) will cost £8-£12, and a very effective airsoft replica (a Chinese ‘clone’ AEG) can be bought for £150. It usually costs £20-£30 for admission to a day game.

To rent a replica and face protection usually costs another £20. For such a fantastic full day out this is a very favourable cost. All you need to turn up with is some dark or military-style clothing and we recommend being study boots with ankle protection as well as gloves. When you get into the hobby you could easily find yourself spending thousands each year on posh replicas and kit, but this is personal preference; in reality skill will always win the day and this high end equipment only gives you a marginal advantage over someone who has spent the bare minimum.