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Summary and credits


Congratulations on making it to the end of this guide!

To take the next step into airsoft skirmishing please take a look at the links on our website and look at joining UKAPU. We can’t continue to support and encourage new players without players supporting us. All of us at UKAPU are out there fighting for airsoft players rights.

If you have any comments on this guide please do not hesitate to let us know. Any positive comments will happily be accepted and any negative comments will be begrudgingly accepted and we’ll try to figure out how to take those comments on board.

Although many people will display an interest in airsoft, very few of them actually have the confidence and motivation to turn up to a game. We at UKAPU hope you take the plunge and attend an airsoft game one day – and who knows, maybe you’ll stay, maybe you won’t, maybe you’ll become a rather valued member of our amazing community.

Originally by Matt Furey-King and painfully curated by David Weston and the rest of the UKAPU committee, with images from UKAPU members past and present (including the curator and his friends), Graham and Darwin from Airsoft NationSnoopys Snaps and Airsoft Addict. We hope you have not fallen asleep too many times.