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Safety in the home

If you’ve bought an airsoft replica, you are going to be keen to get it out of the box and loaded up so you can shoot up some coke cans in the garden! The vast majority of airsoft replica injuries occur in the home (as the editor of this guide will testify), not on airsoft sites, and that includes the loss of an eye on a few occasions. You can virtually eliminate this risk by setting simple rules and never making exceptions.

  • Never insert the magazine and release the safety until you are completely ready to fire at a target.
  • Do not touch the trigger until you have aimed at the target
  • Never leave your replica loaded and unattended.
  • Don’t ever point or fire your replica at someone who is not wearing protective equipment, even if you think it is unloaded.
  • When firing in your back garden, be aware of overlooking neighbours who may be alarmed by seeing your replica.
  • The shooter and observers should all wear eye protection in case of rebounding BBs (shooting against a draped towel will reduce mess and rebounds).
  • Consider what is behind your target
  • Be aware that BBs may damage things like furniture, plants, plaster and glass.
  • A few BBs often stay in the replica after removal of the magazine; it must be fired a few times in a safe direction after removal of the magazine, to clear them out.
  • Never under any circumstances look down the barrel of the replica or hold the end of the muzzle when pulling the trigger.
  • Pay particular attention to weapon safety when repairing and testing your replica as it is very easy to lose track of the safety condition after a jam or breakage.
  • Do not trust anyone with your replica when it is loaded if they have never been taught how to handle a firearm.
  • When placed in storage, disconnect the battery

The idea is that in the home you should treat an airsoft replica like a real firearm. The core concept of firearms safety is to always treat a replica as if it it is loaded and ready to fire. Stupid accidents will happen to all players who become too casual with airsoft safety. Also, always fire your AEG on semi-auto with no magazine fitted before putting it away. This resets the firing mechanism and will help prevent your spring being weakened over time.