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What are the limits on muzzle energy?

The Police and Crime Act 2017 has modified s.57 Firearms Act 1968 to define what is considered a “lethal barrelled weapon”.

As such, these are the absolute maximum muzzle energies that Airsoft replicas must abide by:

Locality Max FPS for auto Max FPS for semi
England, Wales 1.3J 374fps ﹫ 0.20g 2.5J 518fps ﹫ 0.20g
Scotland 1.3J 374fps ﹫ 0.20g 2.5J 518fps ﹫ 0.20g
Northern Ireland 1.0J 328fps ﹫ 0.20g 1.0J 328fps ﹫ 0.20g

Please be aware that these FPS/joule limits are purely legislative in nature, these do not represent limits that are in place at Airsoft sites throughout England, Wales and Scotland but may represent the maximum site limits in Northern Ireland.

Contact the site you wish to attend for further information on their FPS/joule limits.